🚒 Welcome to Afloat on a Boat Captain’s Gallery! 🌊

Ahoy, fellow sea enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to have you aboard our virtual ship, but as you can see, we’re still hammering away at the shipyard to make this gallery seaworthy. Fear not, for this vessel will soon set sail into uncharted waters, unveiling a treasure trove of nautical wonders.

Our crew is hard at work, meticulously crafting the finest exhibits to showcase maritime history, ship designs, and tales of legendary captains. The tide of progress flows steadily, and we promise to keep you posted as each new section is readied for exploration.

So, fasten your life jackets, check back frequently, and prepare for a maritime adventure like no other. Afloat on a Boat Captain’s Gallery will be casting off to new horizons soon!

βš“ Fair winds and following seas! βš“

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    1. Thank you for joining. Yeas was a pleasure to meet you as well. Hope to see you again sometime. If you ever needing a crew to sail past the GGB. I have J 26 experience but have never sailed the Pacific Before. πŸ˜‰ oh my other website is sailintervention.com location has changed to Jack London Estuary for beginners and Treasure Island loop with a stop at clipper cove for lunch before returning to Jack London free for everyone interested in learn how to sail. Sorry for the plugs. Again Awesome conversation

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